For Families and Friends….

I recognize that you may have been down a hard road, watching your friend/loved one struggle with alcohol.  These struggles may have included walking beside them into court, rehab or the emergency room.  Perhaps it was watching them make horrible decisions, lose jobs or relationships, or suffering directly emotional or physical effects of their alcohol use.  You may have asked  “why won’t you just stop?!!!”.  If you have been down that road, it may be shocking that your loved one may be looking into a treatment that does not focus fully on never, ever, using alcohol again.

At one time I joined you in this skepticism and fear.   I asked myself “could I be offering a treatment that made problems worse?”  I reviewed studies on what worked, and what didn’t work, and feel confident that while no treatment is 100% effective, TSM has been proven to have the best outcomes of any treatment found to date.  I have seen it totally change people who have had years of struggle with alcohol, and have literally seen people tearful from relief.  Because of this, and the fact that the use of naltrexone for the treatment of AUD is approved for treatment of alcohol use disorder,  I feel honored to be able provide this service.

Ask yourself a question;  Is it more important for my friend/loved one never, ever drinking again, or is it more important that they are not suffering the effects of their alcohol use?”  You might say “both”, and I agree,  but if we can only have one what would it be?

As stated before, if what is being done is effective, please support them in continuing.  If it is not, support them in looking at an alternative that very well might provide very positive outcomes.

So, as you enter this process beside your friend/loved one, provide support, suspend judgement, encourage them to follow the process and document the outcome.  Share hope, and understand that the process takes time and is hindered by guilt and shame.  Educate yourself and your loved one, as understanding the treatment and the “why” may very well make a difference.  Join an online support group and feel free to ask me questions.


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