About Me

My name is Rick Meyers,  I grew up in Eastern Oregon, did my undergraduate work at Oregon State University, and graduated from OHSU in 1994.  In the years since I have practiced in hospice, pain management, and metabolic health (obesity and diabetes management).  While working in all of these specialties I noted that substance abuse and addiction often had a huge impact in outcomes.. 

During this time I have gained insight and respect for those who deal or who have dealt with substance use issues.  I believe that every single person has a potential addiction ready to be awakened.  What brings it to life is a predisposition, a trigger of some sort, and an environment where it can grow.  It does not emerge due to weakness, ignorance or constitutional deficit.  While goals, work ethic, focus and determination will help to recover from substance abuse, they do not guarantee it, and those with a struggle certainly are not lacking of them. 

I do not see addiction as a chronic disease, but as a illness that will, throughout a person’s life, raise it’s head.  It is very serious and can be deadly, but should not define a person’s life any more than other reoccurring illness.  I would never label a person as an alcoholic, they are a person with alcoholism or AUD.  Our illnesses should not define us.  

My interests include CrossFit, kayaking and the outdoors, along with my two kids.  I enjoy working on old cars, and my beautiful fiance.  I am trying to get better at relaxation and meditation, and see the brain-body connection as a cornerstone to our health.  If we work together, I will be asking you about your stress management, sleep, exercise, diet and relationships because these things will not only help with your AUD recovery, but will help you in your overall health.  

I am certified in family practice, integrative medicine and palliative care and continue to be interested in the way that we “tick”.  I hope that medicine will keep up with the science around AUD, which to a degree has been passed to 12-step groups and absurdly expensive rehab centers.  My hope is that TSM will be the first step in addressing AUD as it is developing, and that even better treatments are coming.   


Innovation in the treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder

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