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Oregon’s Premier Provider of The Sinclair Method (TSM)

Innovation in the treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder 

My mission is to provide an option for treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) which is effective and affordable, allowing you to move beyond the label of alcoholism and get on with living.

Note:  If you have attained sobriety, serenity, and have effectively found the treatment that works for you, please do not change.  You have found what many search for, and fail to find.  If you continue to search, please read on and consider the option of changing your approach to treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder.

“I had given up the idea that there were

any other options.  I could never afford

rehab, and meetings were not my thing.  I

just thought I would be forced to “white-

knuckle” it and do the best I could…”


Innovation in the treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder

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