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Semaglutide Injections in Salem, OR

It’s time to start putting yourself (and your body) first—but you don’t need to do it alone. Our prescription medical weight loss program is the perfect opportunity to lose weight safely from home with help from your friends at Functional Wellness & Aesthetics. During our supervised program, we will provide the guidance and support you need to speed up your metabolism, shed excess weight, and start looking
and feeling like your best self.

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What are Semaglutide Injections?

Semaglutide is a medication initially used to control blood sugar. It was approved in 2021 for weight management. It has also been shown to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other severe health conditions. It acts differently than other weight loss medications and is more effective for most people.

Semaglutide Injections for Weight Loss

Originally developed as a treatment for type 2 diabetes, semaglutide has also found a niche in helping people with weight-related medical problems rapidly lose weight. It does this in four ways:

  • The GLP-1 hormone present in the medication slows down how fast your stomach moves food through, which makes you feel fuller longer and discourages overeating.
  • The hormone decreases sugar release from the liver into the bloodstream, which would otherwise contribute to fat buildup.
  • Semaglutide helps the pancreas to release insulin more efficiently, leading to a more normalized blood sugar level.
  • Semaglutide interacts with the dopamine reward system, diminishing patterned eating habits.

When using semaglutide to treat obesity, combining it with a healthier diet and regular exercise is essential. Studies involving subcutaneous (under the skin) semaglutide, compared to placebos (inactive substances), found that the medication was significantly more effective for weight loss and managing weight-related issues over 68 weeks.

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Our Weight Loss Program

Unlock the power of our Oregon Injectables & Aesthetics weight loss program—a transformational journey toward your healthiest, happiest self!

Experience the convenience of a once-weekly, at-home, or in-office injection featuring the remarkable medication, semaglutide. This game-changing treatment reigns in your appetite, diminishing hunger while amplifying that incredible sensation of fullness.

  • Get a weekly injection for weight loss, at home or in our office.
  • Expect an average 17% weight loss in 60 weeks.
  • No need for special diets or expensive supplements.
  • Choose between at-home or in-office support.
  • Receive individualized medication dosing.
  • We’re here to help, in person or virtually, as you need!

But that’s not all! Our program delivers secondary benefits that extend far beyond just weight loss. Picture a brighter future with improved cardiovascular health, reduced hypertension, better diabetes management, and an elevated quality of life.

Semaglutide Injections FAQ

The Semaglutide Treatment Effect in People With Obesity (STEP) trials have found that obese patients who take 2.4 mg of semaglutide weekly lose an average of 6% of their body weight by week 12. This roughly doubles to 12% of body weight lost by week 28 and 17% by approximately one year.

If you’re taking semaglutide for chronic weight management, you can expect to see some results by the end of the first month.  The amount of weight that you lose is impossible to predict as your response will be individual.  Some people respond early, for some it takes a larger dose of medication.  There are some people who never reach higher doses of medication, others require larger doses to get the desired response.

Semaglutide is only available with a medical provider’s prescription. Because of the risk of side effects or interactions with other prescription drugs and herbal products, you’ll need to check in with a practitioner on a regular basis as long as you’re using semaglutide as a weight loss medication.

Just like all medical treatments and procedures, there are side effects to semaglutide weight loss injections. The most common side effect is diarrhea, but less common side effects include heartburn, excess gas, and indigestion. Our team can go over the complete list of side effects in more detail, and we encourage you to consult with your doctor before receiving an injection.

Outside of weight loss, semaglutide injection is used to improve blood sugar control in adults with type 2 diabetes. It is typically prescribed along with a proper diet and exercise program.

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Candidates for Semaglutide Fat Loss Treatment

Semaglutide offers an effective weight-loss solution, but it’s not suitable for everyone. To benefit from it, adults should have a BMI over 30 or a BMI of 27 or higher with weight-related health issues like type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure.

Avoid semaglutide if you’re at risk of medullary thyroid tumors or have a family history of them. It’s also not recommended for those with a history of severe allergic reactions to the medication, recurrent pancreatitis, or if you’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant.

One popular brand, Wegovy, comes with warnings about potential pancreas inflammation, gallbladder issues, low blood sugar, kidney injuries, diabetic retinopathy, and increased heart rate. These side effects are rare and usually manageable since semaglutide is administered under medical supervision.

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What to Expect During the Treatment

Starting treatment with semaglutide begins with an assessment at Functional Wellness & Aesthetics. During this initial evaluation, we’ll figure out if semaglutide is a suitable option for your weight loss journey. We’ll review your medical history, your current medications, and your body weight and BMI.

Your initial treatment will involve a low-dose subcutaneous injection of semaglutide. We start with a low dose to help you ease into any potential side effects. Over time, we’ll gradually increase the dose until we find the right amount that works effectively without causing severe side effects. You’ll receive these injections on the same day every week for a specified duration as determined by your practitioner.

Throughout your treatment, we’ll collaborate with you to develop practical strategies for managing your weight that extend beyond just taking the medication. We’ll focus on dietary and exercise habits, building a healthier lifestyle, and nurturing a strong support network to help you achieve your weight loss goals. These elements will be integrated into your personalized weight management plan.

Don't Wait

Start Your Weight Loss Journey Today

It’s never too soon to start the journey to a healthy weight. If you’re living with obesity or related medical conditions and you think semaglutide might be a viable choice for shedding excess weight, get started today by contacting Oregon Injectables and Aesthetics for a consultation.

If you want to gain confidence and meet your weight loss goals, schedule a free consultation today.

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