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No More Regrets

Tattoos Don’t Have
to Be Forever

The reasons for wanting to remove a tattoo are just as unique and complex as the reason for getting it done in the first place. As we go through life, our priorities, goals, and situations change—not to mention our skin! These days, there’s no reason to let an unwanted tattoo hold you back from being the best version of yourself. With laser tattoo removal and reduction at Functional Wellness & Aesthetics, a clean slate awaits.

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How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

The Q-switched Yag/KTP laser is a handheld device that emits bursts of laser energy into your tattoo. Each burst lasts fractions of a second, and these high-speed flashes break down the ink particles in your skin. As the particles dissolve, your body’s immune system naturally flushes them away.

Our Q-switched Yag laser by Rohrer Aesthetics uses dual wavelengths to remove tattoo pigments with the greatest versatility, from grayscale hues to complex reds, yellows, and pinks. As the only reliable, scar-free option, Q-switched laser tattoo removal is the gold standard in the industry.

Laser Tattoo Removal Benefits

This type of laser is that it is safe for any skin tone or skin type—a feature that not all laser devices can claim. We can customize wavelengths to reduce a tattoo’s pigments for further cover-up work or to remove it entirely. Other benefits include:

  • Effective fading and removal of tattoos
  • No downtime and minimal recovery
  • High safety standards with few to no side effects
  • Little pain or discomfort
  • Reliable results
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Am I a Good Candidate for Tattoo Reduction?

Any tattoo can be reduced or removed using our Q-switched laser! Because of our system’s advanced technology, this procedure is safe for all skin tones and virtually all inks. If you are generally healthy and have realistic expectations about the number of sessions it may take to remove your tattoo, come and visit us for a consultation. We will perform a thorough evaluation of your tattoo, as well as your medical history and goals, to create a treatment plan for you.

Tattoo Reduction FAQs

Yes, in a majority of cases laser treatments can completely remove tattoos, and they’re significantly safer and more effective than other methods such as creams or surgeries. The color, quality, age, and location determine the timeline and number of treatments needed. We can also use laser treatment to fade specific parts of a tattoo for a further cover-up or touch-up work if desired. Best of all, unlike other tattoo reduction methods, Q-switched laser tattoo removal has little to no risk of scarring and is safe for darker skin tones.

During your treatment sessions, you’ll be made as comfortable as possible in our relaxing medspa environment. Most patients tolerate the sensation of the laser well, finding it significantly less painful than getting the tattoo. If pain is a concern, we have several topical anesthetic options for your comfort.

The number of sessions you’ll need to remove your tattoo entirely depends on its size, location, age, and color, as well as your skin tone and the quality of ink used. Some patients see results in two to three treatments, while others need closer to ten. At Functional Wellness & Aesthetics, we use the leading technology to get the job done for you in as few sessions as possible.

Don't Wait

Start Your Journey Today

It’s true—tattoos don’t have to be forever anymore. If your body art no longer inspires you the way it once did, laser tattoo removal is a safe and effective solution! With years of experience, our Functional Wellness & Aesthetics team can help you realign your outward appearance and your inner self. We’re proud of how aesthetic medicine paired with our non-invasive cosmetic procedures can help you achieve confidence.

If you’re interested in gaining confidence and meeting your skincare goals, schedule a free consultation today.

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